So what’s your cycle?

This just might be a better question to ask when starting a new relationship.  Because it’s the very thing that can get in the way of our relationships when things start to go sideways.  And isn’t it inevitable that things do go sideways? After the honeymoon phase wears off, there’s a pattern that starts to emerge … Read more

Help: My partner won’t come to therapy!

In my clinical and coaching practice,  I often hear this complaint or concern from clients:  they often say that their partner feels counselling will be a waste of time or they don’t want to discuss their feelings without concrete solutions.  As well, some clients say their significant other will show up just to make their … Read more

Modern Fatherhood: Coming up for A.I.R.

By John Foulkes, Registered Psychotherapist Often, in my clinical and coaching practice I work with fathers (and mothers!) who’ve found themselves ‘absent’ and distracted in their relationships with their family.  If you like acronyms, it seems we can also call it Parenting-ADD – ‘absent’ & distracted dads.  Drawing from my own personal experience as a father and … Read more

Pandemic Parenting: Personal Un-Distancing

By John Foulkes, Registered Psychotherapist  Given the recent events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest challenges expressed within our Dig a Little Deeper clinical practice and my Better Dads Coaching practice, is how to navigate the day-to-day living at home with loved ones. The experience may feel strange or even weird and … Read more

The ABC’s to Feeling Better

By: John Foulkes, Registered Psychotherapist Just had another fight with your better half, with no resolution in sight?   Can’t seem to shake a general feeling of sadness or unhappiness?  Overwhelmed and feeling stuck in your life?  If this describes you, no doubt your state of mind and happiness are potentially being hijacked by stress, frustration, and what … Read more

Breaking Patterns in Parenting

By John Foulkes, RP, The Relationship Specialist Imagine you are spending time with your child and they make an odd comment or facial expression. It seems to suggest they’re angry or maybe depressed. What do you do or say?  In my years of clinical experience and coaching dads (and moms), what I have often heard … Read more

The 5-minute Stress Solution

By: John Foulkes, RP, The Relationship Specialist These days, it’s a given that we are stressed out a lot of the time.  Problem is, where do we find the time to decompress; revitalize our energy and mood?  In my clinical practice I am often asked, “Okay, I’m feeling better – less anxious and depressed – what can … Read more