Services: Integrated Mental Health

Nurse Practitioner-led Assessment and Treatment

Whole-Person Wellness for Individuals in Ontario

When it comes to your mental health, experience matters.

Our mental health Nurse Practitioners have decades of experience helping people get the care they need.  We are proud to offer quality, compassionate, and comprehensive mental health services to children (aged 10+), adolescents and adults, in Ontario. 

We are currently offering both in-person (Bolton) and virtual sessions for comprehensive psychiatric assessment, diagnostic and treatment of common mental health conditions, to help meet the needs of people who have not been able to get the help they need.

No referral is required! Please read through the information provided here, access our FAQ’s where many common questions are answered, and when you are ready, reach out to book your appointment!  

Minimize risks with

Early identification
Timely assessment
Accurate diagnosis

Our specialized Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

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Private Mental Health Services for anyone in Ontario

Working with other-healthcare providers

NPs are part of a collaborative team that includes registered nurses, doctors, social workers and others. While seeing an NP, you can still see your family doctor or any other health-care provider.

​Our Nurse Practitioners provide quality, compassionate, and comprehensive mental health services to children (aged 10+), adolescents and adults.

Practice specialties include (but not limited to) assessment, diagnosis and treatment of:

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How does it work

Joining forces with your team of health professionals

​Our Nurse Practitioners will work with you, your therapist and your family physician (if you have one) to provide comprehensive and seamless care. 

1. Take the self-assessment quiz to make sure it's a good fit
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This online quiz will help you identify the right next steps and whether the Integrated Mental Health route is the best approach for you.

2. Wait to hear from our booking staff to complete our confidential intake form.

Our staff will reach out to you with next steps, ensuring this is the right service for you, and to proceed with enrolment.

3. Book your appointment and complete the assessment forms provided

If diagnosed, you will receive a personalized treatment plan and diagnosis report (upon request).

4. Come to your scheduled appointment to begin your assessment

You’ll have the option to have your assessment completed virtually or in person in Bolton, Ontario.

5. Complete any recommended labwork, and book your follow ups

We will identify and work through unresolved emotions such as anger, guilt, resentment and facilitate a positive shift of emotional experiences and responsiveness between partners.

See our rates, meet our nurse practioners and review our FAQs