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Christina Crowe

Podcast creator and host, Christina Crowe is a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, Canada and RELENTLESS mental health advocate. Christina believes great mental health information should be available to everyone, and loves creating content that makes all of the invisible things VISIBLE. 

This neurodivergent-affirming podcast is dedicated to providing accurate and accessible mental health education to both the general public, and also to fellow mental health clinicians. With two seasons under our belt, we have covered many nuanced topics around ADHD, late-diagnosis of ADHD, family and couple topics, complexities and nuances around co-occurring disorders like substance use, eating disorders, misdiagnosis, gender and sexuality, worklife and career. 

​Our guests have included respected medical Canadian and American colleagues who specialize in ADHD, those representing Clinician and Patient advocacy associations, and of course, ADHD therapists, coaches and leaders with lived experience.

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E4: Making sense of ADHD Couple Life, with John Foulkes, RP

Today’s Guest is John Foulkes, Registered Psychotherapist, ADHD Couples therapist and my colleague at Dig a Little Deeper. It’s Valentine’s Day, so John and I are talking about: 

  • How does ADHD show up on a couples therapy couch?
  • How do we take responsibility for ourselves?
  • What is an over-functioner to do?
  • How to stop the ‘Find the Bad Guy’ dance in an ADHD couple dynamic?
  • Why is ADHD like a stone in your shoe?
Practical and insightful
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This is an amazing podcast created by an amazing therapist. Definitely listen for practical advice and meaningful insight. I hope this podcast continues!
Just what I need right now
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I had a late in life diagnosis of ADHD and have recently learned about close and extended family members with both diagnosed and undiagnosed ADHD and autism. I am also the parent of young adults who are struggling with unclear diagnoses and mental health challenges and am an elementary school teacher who is seeing a lot of students with significant difficulties. I can't wait for your next episode!
The path to ADHD self acceptance
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Late-diagnosed ADHDer here with two ADHD kids. I get so much reassurance from Christina on all her channels. Thoughtful advice that reminds me it's ok that we're wired differently and lots of tips on how to adjust, adapt and care for ourselves as neurodiverse individuals. Love this show.

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