What you can do in the secure client portal

  • Schedule and cancel your own appointments, with automatic confirmations and reminders, 
  • Access a full session history,
  • Overcome the barrier of reaching out to book a first session,
  • Reduced confusion or frustration with scheduling and eliminates email back and forth. 

Easily navigate to your scheduled appointment

Make the most of your virtual therapy experience.

Downloads for best practices

Click the graphics here to download you own copy of our Best Practices for optimizing your online therapy experience. 

Make the most of your online therapy experience.
Online Therapy Checklist

Secure, seamless and streamlined

Benefits of our online client portal

DALD uses Owl’s Video Therapy feature, which allows clinics to connect with clients seamlessly for their sessions in a secure online setting.

​The Video Therapy feature has been built fully in-house and does not rely on any third party integrations or connections, ensuring total privacy and security for all users. Clinics can schedule a video appointment for their clients, which the client can access via the Client Portal at their scheduled appointment time.  All session attendees then need to be admitted to the session by the clinical host before they are able to participate, which again reinforces security and compliance by ensuring that the clinic has privacy for the session and control over who is permitted to join.
Customizable options to enhance your experience:
  • For accessibility, clients can easily enable a High Contrast Mode on their view when using the site which will assist them with visibility if needed by changing the colours to black and white.
  • Access all of your receipts,
  • Customize your reminder notifications to the timing that works best for you. 

Secure Messaging:

  • Owl Practice’s Secure Messaging tool provides clinics with a secure, PHI-compliant method of two-way communication within the application.
  • Secure Messaging can be used to have chat style communication with your therapist to communicate non-urgently in-between sessions and to exchange sensitive documents.  
  • SQL and MongoDB databases to store all practice data in a secure fashion.
  • Data Encryption – Our system uses bank-level encryption (SSL) to encrypt all data that moves between the secure and dedicated servers and the device and browser on which a therapist accesses their Owl Practice account.

Tech Tips

  • Video sessions can be hosted and attended on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and a variety of mobile smartphones.
  • All participants must have access to strong wifi or cellular data on the device they wish to use for their sessions.  Please remember to have a fully charged device, and access to complete privacy. 
  • It is recommended that all participants use devices with up to date operating systems and browsers for the best possible experience. It is important to know that if the operating system or browser on your device is out of date or no longer supported (e.g. Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7), it will not be compatible for video sessions.
  • Chrome is a preferred browser. Please note if you are using an iPhone or iPad – Apple does not permit webcam access when using Google Chrome on Apple devices. If you’re trying to use Google Chrome on your iPhone, the webcam function will not work.  All users with Apple mobile devices are advised to use Safari as their browser for video sessions.
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome versions 55+, Google Chromium versions 55+, Mozilla Firefox versions 60+, Microsoft Edge versions 11+, Safari versions 11+. 
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