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Therapy and counselling with your mind in mind

As a collective of licensed and experienced Registered Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Nurse Practitioners, we meet you on your terms, embracing every aspect of your identity, and life experience.

inclusive care for individuals, couples, and families

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NP-led assessment and treatment in Ontario

Integrated care for your mental health

Led by experienced Nurse Practitioners in Ontario, this comprehensive offering includes psychiatric and ADHD assessments, diagnosis, and treatment. We cover common mental health conditions like ADHD, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, disordered eating, and OCD.

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When you’re feeling stuck or you just don't fit in

Diverse care for every facet of individuality

Established in 2015 by Christina Crowe, Dig a Little Deeper (DALD) has grown into a flourishing, self-managed collective. Our diverse team of independent psychotherapists, counsellors, nurse practitioners, and supervised graduate counselling interns share the same mission of addressing the varied mental health needs of our community

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