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Our online resources are designed to help you integrate the most current evidence, practical advice and applications to learn all you can about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

​These courses are  grounded in current research, plus our clinical experience, teaching you what we have learned about how to facilitate transformational healing and growth for people with ADHD (and their loved ones). 

Online courses & downloadable resources

For people with ADHD and their loved ones

DIY*ADHD: Everything you need to know in the first year

$150 CAD
An online module for anyone who wants to learn more about ADHD across the lifespan.

Take back your calendar

$20 CAD
A neurodivergent-affirming and friendly look at self-management, to help us get what we really want done, in our lives. This guide has been developed to compliment the existing time and 'productivity' resources out there, but with the added benefit of an ADHD lens, for the executive function-challenged. ​
Updated: January 2023

Online courses

Designed for therapists

DIY*ADHD: Couples

$497 CAD
An online course for Couple & Family Therapists

The Role of ADHD Medication

$200 CAD
The Role of ADHD Medication in Psychotherapy, is an online module for psychotherapists, counsellors and ADHD coaches.
​This module is a part of DIY*ADHD: Couples, the online course for couple therapists, and is available now, for those who are interested in how to provide in-scope, ethical and evidenced based psychoeducation about the role of ADHD medication in the treatment journey.

A Comprehensive ADHD Learning Bundle

Starting from $600 CAD
ADHD therapists, increase your ADHD competency and scope of practice ethically and comprehensively

For mental health professionals

Participation in this DIY*ADHD and DIY&ADHD Couples allows OAMHP members to apply for 2 Continuing Education Credit hours, towards their required continuing education requirements.  

OAMHP’s review of the general content of this workshop recognizes the learning objectives meet and support the criteria (1) for best known practice in continuing education and (2) for educational requirements for mental health professionals.

Creator of The Dig Deeper School

I'm Christina Crowe

I am a dedicated, neurodivergent-affirming Registered Psychotherapist, Certified IPT Therapist, and Validated Clinical Supervisor, with lived experience in late-diagnosed ADHD to specialize in the comprehensive treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

In 2016, with a solid background of nearly a decade specializing in ADHD-adapted therapy, I launched the pioneering DIY*ADHD online course, laying the groundwork for The Dig Deeper School. This was a year after founding Dig a Little Deeper, Psychotherapy & Counselling in 2015, which has grown into a leading group practice offering a wide array of services across Ontario and PEI. Our offerings include psychotherapy, counselling, ADHD coaching, a nurse practitioner-led diagnostic clinic, and a robust educational program serving as a teaching site for therapists in graduate programs.

My professional journey is dedicated to assisting adults with ADHD, especially those diagnosed later in life, couples dealing with ADHD-related challenges, and parents exploring alternative support strategies. I’ve also focused on clinical supervision for therapists and interns, emphasizing the importance of understanding ADHD’s unique aspects, which led me to coin ‘ADHD-Adapted Psychotherapy’ in 2016. Beyond clinical practice, I contribute to ADHD awareness through The Christina Crowe Podcast and actively participate in professional organizations like CADDRA and the OAMHP, holding several certifications in the field. For mental health clinicians and ADHD coaches, I offer courses designed to enhance care delivery, culminating in a certificate of completion upon evaluation and feedback.

DIY*ADHD Online course

Everything You Need To Know In The First Year After Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis for ADHD – either for yourself as an adult, or for your child as a parent, ​can be an unsettling time. 

​The good news is, there is a clear path forward.  

DIY*ADHD provides a comprehensive plan to support you or your loved one navigate the misinformation, find reputable resources, set attainable goals and educate yourselves on this unique neurotype’s ride through life. 

DIY*ADHD is for you if:

DIY*ADHD Couples Therapists Online course

Identify ADHD and confidently integrate ADHD-adapted treatment into couples’ work

ADHD can be difficult to identify due to its many different presentations. Couple therapists might feel uncertainty about why therapy wasn’t helpful for a couple – was it the modality? the couple? the therapist? the setting? They might experience a loss of confidence, and ultimately pull away from helping myriad couples or families that need them. 

Couple therapists will come away with a renewed confidence in identifying a truly solvable problem that is a significant unmet need within the couple and family therapy demographics.

​Participants will also be able to articulate a vision of hope for couples and families, based on current science and what we know is possible. 

Who should take this course?

You will learn

Discover more about ADHD