Services: Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Enhance your practice and elevate your clinical skills

Supervision & consultation with neurodivergent-affirming, psychodynamic approaches

Explore strengths, tackle challenges, and refine your practice

In clinical supervision, we work collaboratively with therapists of all experience levels, to assess your strengths, areas for learning, establish new goals together and track your progress over time. We will also have the opportunity to problem-solve specific cases, ethical issues that arise, and discuss strategies for building and maintaining a successful private practice. 

Christina Crowe, John Foulkes, and Renee Mayotte are practicing Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) from Dig a Little Deeper and offer neurodivergent-affirming, psychodynamic-relational-neurobiological framed clinical supervision to practicum graduate students and new therapists,  and consultation for experienced therapists in independent practice.  Each Clinical Supervisor offers specialized areas of focus in neurodivergent-affirming treatment for ADHD (ADHD-Adapted Psychotherapy),  ADHD Coaching, Couples Therapy/ADHD Couples as well as certifications in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT).

Explore strengths, tackle challenges, and refine your practice

Clinical supervision with Dig a Little Deeper, Psychotherapy & Counselling is available online through Owl Video, and can be booked seamlessly online, after an initial consult & signing a Supervision Agreement. 

Clinical supervision and consultation  with Dig a Little Deeper includes (but is not limited to):

Meet our supervisors

Christina, John and Renee provide clinical supervision to practicum students and consultation to practicing therapists.  Christina, John and Renee are in independent practice, have completed 45+ hours of clinical supervision training and meet CRPO Clinical Supervisor Requirements.  Christina is also a Validated Clinical Supervisor (S-Cert, OAMHP). The Validated Supervisor Program is a peer validation process that attests to a member’s refined professional abilities, competencies, knowledge, and skills in clinical supervision.

If you are seeking registration for a college other than CRPO, we recommend you ensure with your respective College an RP/CRPO Supervisor meets your college’s requirements prior to beginning supervision.

Christina Crowe

​Christina Crowe, H.BSc. MACP, RP, (Cert) OAMHP (she, her)
Registered Psychotherapist, IPT Certified Therapist
Validated Clinical Supervisor (cert-S) OAMHP
​Founder, ​Dig a Little Deeper, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Christina offers clinical supervision and consultation for licensed therapists ​1:1 on Thursdays and Fridays and structured group ​supervision monthly, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. ​

Christina’s style can be described as relational, mentoring, strengths-based and pragmatic. Sessions can flow readily between directive and non-directive, based on the learning needs of the supervisee.  

Christina is a certified IPT therapist, trained in EMDR Therapy, special populations like ADHD, as well as fundamentals like CBT, IPT and EFT, and will help guide your understanding of appropriate assessment and pacing to know how to tailor treatment and adapt your preferred modality to each client and their circumstances. Christina is neurodivergent herself, and aims to always offer an anti-oppressive, egalitarian and neurodivergent-affirming supervisor-supervisee relationship. ​

Christina particularly focuses on creating an open and trusting relationship with supervisee’s, believing that consultation – and parallel process – work best when trust is strong. Sessions can move fluidly between process and technique, theory, and practical clinical guidance.

  • Individual supervision sessions follow the flow of a check in, and case-based presentations, following the outline of the attached case formulation sheet. 
  • Group supervision is balanced, structured, case-based and also allows for open discussion around issues therapists in private practice commonly grapple with. 
  • Business and private practice consulting, personalized and tailored to the needs of the therapist and their unique business goals. 

Christina emphasizes careful and thorough initial assessment, ensuring we are treating the correct problem, the therapist is within scope, and if not, identifying the care partners that might help the client most appropriately. When working with more recent grads, Christina enjoys helping therapists understand their strengths and to support development in the areas they are passionate about. 

Christina also teaches therapists how to navigate the health care system in Ontario, the importance of understanding the role of psychopharmacotherapy in mental health and the advocacy required to get the care our clients need.   For more on Christina’s detailed bio, and post graduate training, you can click here.

John Foulkes

​John Foulkes, BSc., OPC-D Psych, CPCC (he, him)
Registered Psychotherapist, EFT and IPT Certified therapist,
​Clinical Supervisor, ​Sr. Clinical Manager, Dig a Little Deeper, Psychotherapy & Counselling

John is psychodynamically trained and certified in EFT, IPT, Reality/Choice Therapy and is a certified professional coach supporting adults with ADHD.  John is an EFT Couples Therapist and provides individual and group supervision for Couples therapists. 

​John’s supervision background includes group and individual Clinical Supervision for already practicing therapists, undergraduate placement students, and he has several years within structured peer supervision groups.  His specialty is working with couples and families, including those struggling with ADHD issues. Additionally, John has experience with adolescents and adults, providing personal, psychoeducational, and psychosocial counselling services. 

John’s applied clinical supervision training was formalized with the completion of the 45 Hour Applied Clinical Supervision Program through the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, approved by the CRPO (December 2021).

John is the Sr. Clinical Manager for Dig a Little Deeper, Psychotherapy & Counselling, and is also available to external therapists seeking a Clinical Supervisor with his background. Click here for John’s detailed bio. 

Renee Mayotte

Renee Mayotte, BA, MACP, RP (she, her)
Registered Psychotherapist ​
​Practicum Clinical Supervisor, ​Dig a Little Deeper, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Renee began her work in the field of counselling in 2012 at the Children’s Mental Health Agency in Timmins, ON, and returned to graduate school to complete a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.  As part of treatment, Renee is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), emotion focused therapy (EFT), solution-focused brief therapy and offers a strengths-based orientation for neurodiversity’s like ADHD.  

Clinically, Renee works with older youth, adults, couples and families and has special training in Infidelity Counselling and Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT). ​ Renee’s clinical experience offers therapists working with families with complex dynamics, multi-generational relationships, negative thought patterns and behaviours, as well as expertise in neurodivergent families and individual family members and couples. 

Learn more about our Practicum Counselling Intern training program, application requirements and availability.

2024 Clinical Supervision Rates


$150 per hour (+ HST) or $95 per half hour (+ HST) for practicing therapists.


(Monthly) two-hour session of online Group supervision is $95 + HST, per person. ​


(75 min) is $120 per person. ​

Practicum Students

Renee Mayotte accepts practicum students for either primary site supervision, or secondary non-site supervision, and application details are posted via our Careers page, 3 times a year. 

Dig a Little Deeper does not charge interns for primary site supervision and thinks it's very uncool to do so. ​

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