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2024 Fees and rates

Psychotherapy & counselling

Our fees for individual psychotherapy or psychologist-supervised sessions range from $113 (our Supervised Graduate Intern clinic), to $210.00. 

Fees for couples, parenting or family psychotherapy or psychologist-supervised sessions range from $150 – $250.

All therapist fees are listed on their individual profiles.

​You can click on any therapists photo from team page to read their in-depth profiles, find fees and current availability. 

2023 rates for integrated mental health services

Psychiatric Assessment (including ADHD assessment):
Comprehensive mental health assessment, diagnosis or diagnostic clarification, and initial treatment.

  • Adults (17 and up) $600.00 (90 minutes)
  • Pediatric (age 10+) $ 800.00 (120 minutes, includes family interviews)

Medication Assessment: (If you have a confirmed psychiatric diagnosis and would like to review and adjust your treatment plan only for medication).

  • You must submit a recent psychological or psychiatric report confirming your diagnosis to receive this type of appointment.
  • The NP will review the report prior to meeting with you. If you have more than one mental health diagnosis and the NP requires a more thorough assessment to confirm diagnosis, you may require a psychiatric re-evaluation.
  • ​​​Rate will range depending on level of complexity, per half hour of assessment $200.00 / One hour $ 375.00

Follow up to monitor treatment (medications/prescription refills):

  • $100.00 (20 minutes)

Routine repeat prescriptions

  • $25.00​

Missed appointments:

  • $60.00
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Low cost clinic

Dig a Little Deeper is a teaching site, providing Masters level graduate counselling interns practicum opportunities to complete their training.  Renee Mayotte fully supervises our Graduate Counselling  Interns completing their training for full licensing (You get 2 therapists for the cost of less than one, and contribute to the education of future therapists! )

These sessions are $113 (includes HST), and there are some sliding scale spots available.  

Interns offer both virtual and in-person sessions (Bolton), across Ontario. 

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New client intake

If you are a new client, you can fill out our confidential Intake Form, to be matched with the next available therapist that meets your needs.


At the first psychotherapy session, the therapist usually gathers information about you and your needs. You may be asked to fill out forms about your physical and emotional health. It might take a few sessions for your therapist to fully understand your situation and concerns and determine the best course of action.

The first session is also an opportunity for you to get to know your therapist. You’ll be able to see whether the therapist’s approach and personality are going to work for you. Make sure you ask about and understand:

  • What type of therapy will be used,
  • The goals of your treatment,
  • How long each session will be,
  • How many therapy sessions you may need.

Ask questions anytime during your appointment. If you don’t feel comfortable with the first therapist you see, try someone else. Having a good fit with your therapist is critical for effective treatment.

Psychotherapy services outside of hospitals, or public agencies, are generally not covered by OHIP.​​​

  • The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association estimates that 67% of Canadians have extended health care benefits through their workplace, privately held insurance, or through a government support program.  
  • ​If you do not have insurance, our licensed therapists are authorized medical practitioners in Ontario as recognized by the ​CRA and services are deductible under your medical expenses for your annual tax return. ​ ​To learn more about this option on the CRA website, click here. ​
  • ​Many extended health benefits insurance providers do cover psychotherapy services, partially or in full.  ​​
  • It is up to the client to know if your insurance plan covers therapists with your clinician’s professional designation. Not every insurer covers every type of mental health therapist. Which type of clinician is allowed to direct bill is entirely at the discretion of the insurance provider and/or employer.
  • We are registered providers for many plans, including plans with Sunlife, WSIB, Manulife, Great West Life, Medavie Blue Cross, Greenshield, Equitable Life, Aspiria & the Ministry of the Attorney General Victims and Vulnerable Persons Division Victim Quick Response Program+. To ensure you can have your session reimbursed, you should always call your plan to ask in advance. 
  • ​​To know for sure whether you can claim your sessions, you must first confirm with your insurance provider your annual limits/caps and exclusions (everyone’s plan is different, and plans are set by employers). We are not responsible for the outcome of your claims. ​​​ ​

Missed sessions must be paid for by the client. Insurance providers rarely pay late cancel or no-show fees. 

Specific members of our team do work with WSIB, HCAI, LTD insurance claims.  Please inquire directly with your therapist about these options. ​