Julie Bisson

Julie Bisson

Languages: English
Virtually across ONBolton, ON
Not accepting supervisee’s
Accepting new clients
Psychiatric Assessment, including ADHD assessment: Adults (17 and up) $600.00 (90 minutes) Medication Assessment, rate will range depending on level of complexity: Per half hour of assessment $200.00 One hour $ 375.00 Follow up to monitor treatment (medications/prescription refills), $100.00 (20 minutes) Missed appointments, $60.00
Therapies offered
Area of Focus
ADHDAnxiety (GAD, Social anxiety)Borderline PDDepression and mood disorders, PMDDOCDPsychiatric Mental Health: Assessment, Diagnosis and TreatmentPTSD (cPTSD, Occupational stress injury, Sanctuary trauma, Traumatic abuse/Betrayal trauma recovery)

Faculty, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto
​CNO # 9906579 ​

Julie is a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner with expertise in psychiatry. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration and is certificated in psychiatry and mental health with the Canadian Nurses Association. She has worked as a nurse for 25 years in a variety of settings. For the past 17 years, Julie has worked as a nurse practitioner in the field of mental health with adult patients in the community, academic and hospital outpatient settings, which has led to the development of her expertise in psychiatry. 

When not working with Dig a Little Deeper, she dedicates her work at a Psychiatric hospital in the outpatient department, working with individuals with depressive and anxiety disorders, PTSD, Bipolar and psychotic disorders. She also has a passion for ADHD. She has many years of experience at conducting adult psychiatric consultations to provide a diagnosis and an individualized pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment plan to manage symptoms that impair functioning. Her goal is to help treat individuals so that they thrive in all aspects of their lives so they can live happy and less stressful lives.

Julie is also part time faculty and teacher assistant at the University of Toronto for a certificate program in mental health and addictions for nurse practitioners to support other NP’s across Canada to gain knowledge at identifying, diagnosing and treating mental health conditions for patients in their practice. 

In her personal life, Julie enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends. 


  • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program, University of Toronto / Laurentian University
  • Master of Health Administration, Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Canadian Nurses Association certificate in psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • Faculty, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto
  • Member of the Registered Nurses Association (RNAO)
  • Member, CADDRA – Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance network
Julie Bisson

Julie Bisson