Practicum Student, Graduate Intern

Application process

​A complete application includes:

  1. Cover letter,
  2. Resume, 
  3. 2​ letters of reference w/referee contact information.
  • Cover letters should be addressed to the “Clinical Supervision Team.”
  • Cover letters must address the skills listed below, and include your own areas of interest.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.  

Start Dates: September 2024, January 2025, May 2025

Deadline to apply: June 15, 2025 for a January or May start

Please use the submission form at the bottom of this page to submit your complete application for consideration.

Successful candidates will be contacted by late June for interview(s). Interviews will be prioritized by candidates demonstrating additional training, work and/or volunteer experience with ADHD, working with youth and teens, couples modality’s like EFT, specific trauma based training like EMDR, LGBTQ+ specialized training and/or eating disorders. 

About Us

Dig A Little Deeper, Psychotherapy & Counselling (DALD) is looking for mature graduate students who are looking to establish themselves in Ontario, learn the critical skills of becoming an ethical and skilled Psychotherapist in Ontario, under the supervision of our in house Practicum Clinical Supervisor, Renee Mayotte

We provide counselling and psychotherapy services for a wide range of issues, from anxiety & depression, to addiction and trauma healing, and we serve all of Ontario virtually. Although you will eventually be working independently, you will also be part of a team environment, with peer support from a diverse team of other therapists, counsellors and coaches. Renee provides clinical supervision that meets all of the criteria set forth by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

DALD is an established, modern and respected psychotherapy & counselling practice, founded in 2015 and headquartered in beautiful Caledon, Ontario. We really enjoy working together and finding someone who is a good fit is important to us.

About You

You are a committed and passionate graduate student, looking for an experienced, respected and collaborative RP Clinical Supervisor in a modern private practice group.

You take your ethical responsibilities seriously and practice evidenced-based care, within the scope of your skills and knowledge. If you have a neurodivergent brain, we consider that a strength and would love to know. 

Candidates with at least 2 years of experience working or volunteering in mental health or related field are preferred.

You are available for at least 3 days a week (2 full days for clients), including one evening, to start. (Please only apply if you are available for an evening).

Minimum qualifications & requirements

  • Minimum Masters-level education in related field.
  • NEWAll students assigned must obtain “RP (Qualifying)” status in order for the student to be able to engage in the act of psychotherapy towards accrual of direct client contact hours.
  • A trauma-informed lens is important and if not yet trauma certified, must be willing to complete a trauma certification within 6 months.
  • Must be very comfortable with technology and willing to use technology in daily practice. Previous experience with Electronic Medical Records systems, Excel is an asset.
  • Must have access to consistent high-speed internet, a private home office space and the ability to conduct tele-therapy sessions. 
  • Must have your own Student professional liability insurance.
  • Interest and demonstrated continuing education is crucial.
  • You will collaborate & participate in occasional team building, team meetings, group case review.
  • You support and contribute to a healthy work place that embraces lifelong learning, diversity, clinical teamwork, privacy, and adherence to professional standards of practice.
  • Specific skills required: please see full list below. 
  • Assets/Preference given: Experience and/or further Certifications in ADHD, couple/family therapy,  group work, DBT, EMDR, Eating Disorders or working with children; candidates with at least 2 years of experience working or volunteering in mental health or related field. 

Seniority Level

  • Internship


  • Mental Health Care

Occupation Type

  • Part-time, or 2-3 days/week

Job Functions

  • Health Care Provider

Location: To start January 2025, a blend of online and in-person in Bolton, ON.  Must be able to work at primary site in Bolton, ON at least one shift a week. 

These are the skills we are looking for

Please read carefully

Self-management skills: 

  • Time management: staying organized, being mindful of deadlines, timely case-note entry (daily), advance planning to manage commitments to the site, your clients, your schoolwork and your personal life, time to research clinical questions in between client sessions to meet the needs of clients.
  • Ability to attend monthly or quarterly staff (virtual) meetings of the group practice.
  • Participate in weekly supervision sessions, with Clinical Supervisor.
  • Ability to prioritize, monitor progress on learning goals.
  • Schedule and organize your own appointments via the OWL software provided.

Attitudinal skills: 

  • Be open to learning from many people.
  • ​Be respectful and demonstrate responsibility.
  • Even though you are a student in a learning role, it is important that you approach fieldwork in much the same way you would if you were employed. Strive to be on time and accountable.
  • Initiative: Look for your own creativity. You have gifts, talents and ideas you can use in your placement. If you have ideas, share them, they will be welcomed.

Administrative skills: 

  • Complete the necessary documentation, in advance, to qualify for participation in practicum.
  • Take direction from the Clinical Supervisor in all aspects of the practicum.
  • Complete progress/case notes that document clinical activities on a daily basis.
  • ​Answer emails from clients and staff within 24 hours via the email that is provided by the site. 

Therapeutic skills: 

  • Develop a set of goals for your practicum, based on your therapeutic interests and the needs of the practice site.
  • Understanding and implementation of  basic talk therapy techniques such as reflection of feeling, reflection of meaning, paraphrasing, and active listening. 
  • Demonstrate and understand cultural competence and social/political issues clients may face including low income, discrimination, racism, and language barriers in order to work with a variety of clientele, in addition to higher socioeconomic status clients. 
  • Basic understanding of ADHD, the overlapping symptoms of depression & anxiety associated with it, as well as the treatments. (If you are looking for a great ADHD training, we recommend CADDRA’s Accredited 5 module course). ​
  • Demonstrate a commitment to post graduate continuing education.
  • An established self-care routine.

Ethical skills: 

  • Acting in accordance with the professional guidelines as set out in the context in which the practicum takes place.
  • Acting in accordance with provincial regulatory (CRPO) ethics and professional behaviour at all times throughout your practicum.
  • Recognize the limits of your training. Practice within the boundaries of your knowledge and skill base and seek out supervised experiences.
  • Foundational understanding of ethical obligations as a pre-regulated counsellor (to-be-regulated psychotherapist) in Ontario.
  • Safe and Effective Use of Self (SEUS): Practicum students must have a developed understanding of how their subjective experience and patterns of interaction inform their participation and impact on the therapeutic relationship with the client.
  • Commitment to work through the practicum as a professional commitment.
  • Ethically appropriate social media channels, or set to private, should clients find you online.

Online therapy / Telehealth: 

  • MUST have access to personal & private laptop with camera/mic capability,
  • Access to hardwire internet or strong wi-fi connection and a private space to meet virtually with clients.
  • Basic understanding of the ethical considerations of providing telehealth in Ontario.
  • Asset: previous coursework in Online therapy competencies.


  • Vulnerable sector Criminal Record Check.
  • 2 past work references – Letter & contact info.
  • Completion of an ASIST workshop before commencing Practicum, or within the first month.

GO FOR IT. If this excites you, let's meet!

Appl below

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